Antica Osteria Da Divo Siena

Bonus for Friends of Rick Steves: A glass of prosecco upon arrival, as well as biscotti with Vin Santo after dinner

Only a few steps from the Cathedral (Duomo) and Piazza del Campo you will find the "Antica Osteria Da Divo", a charming restaurant where you can enjoy the refined gastronomic delights of Tuscan cuisine. The particularly unique setting of our restaurant, built in ancient Etruscan rooms cut out of the 'tuff', the soft volcanic rock on which Siena is built, will undoubtedly be one ingredient of an unforgettable culinary experience. To accompany and fully exalt the flavors and perfumes of the renowned Italian dishes, the restaurant stocks a vast selection of both Italian and international wines. The menu is regularly changed by the gifted chef Pino Di Cicco in order to express his creativity and offer his guests the finest Siennese dishes using the best and freshest ingredients of each season.



Via Franciosa, 25/29 - 53100 Siena
+39 0577 286054
+39 0577 286054

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